Iliopsoas - Muscle Physiology & Functional Anatomy


Iliopsoas Muscle




  • Psoas Major

    • Transverse processes of T12-L5 & the lateral aspects of the intervertebral discs

  • Psoas Minor

    • Side of T12+L1 & IV intervertebral disc between

  • Iliacus

    • Iliac fossa, base of sacrum


  • Psoas Major

    • Lesser trochanter of the femur

  • Psoas Minor

    • Pectineal line & iliopectineal eminence (lesser trochanter of the femur)

  • Iliacus

    • Lesser trochanter of the femur (lowermost surface)

Major Arteries:

  • Psoas Major

    • Lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery

  • Psoas Minor

  • Iliacus

    • Medial femoral circumflex artery

    • Iliac branch of iliolumbar artery


Neural Innervation:

  • Psoas Major

    • Lumbar plexus via anterior branches of L1-L3 nerves

  • Psoas Minor

    • Lumbar plexus

  • Iliacus

    • Femoral nerve (L2-L3)


Trigger Points:

Iliopsoas Trigger Points





Concentric Functions:

  • Hip flexion & external rotation


Eccentric Functions:

  • Decelerates hip extension

  • Decelerates femoral internal rotation at heel strike


Isometric Function:

  • Assists in stabilizing the lumbar spine during functional movements


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More Images of the Iliopsoas Muscles

Psoas Major Psoas Minor Iliacus



More Information about the Iliopsoas Muscles

The illiopsoas muscle group includes the iliacus, psoas major & psoas minor.  The group is commonly referred to as the "hip flexors" as they are the muscles primarily responsible for flexing the hip, i.e. lifting your knee from a standing position as if to begin marching.


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