Rectus Femoris - Muscle Physiology & Functional Anatomy


Rectus Femoris Muscle





  • Anterior inferior iliac spine (straight head) & the ilium above acetabulum (reflected head)


  • Quadriceps tendon to patella (via ligamentum patellae into tubercle of tibia)

Major Arteries:

  • Lateral femoral circumflex artery


Neural Innervation:

  • Femoral nerve (L4-L5, S1)


Trigger Points:

Rectus Femoris Trigger Points





Concentric Functions:

  • Knee extension

  • Hip flexion


Eccentric Functions:

  • Decelerates hip extension & knee flexion during functional movements

  • Decelerates knee flexion, adduction & internal rotation during heel strike of gait


Isometric Function:

  • Dynamically stabilizes the knee during functional movements


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More Images of the Rectus Femoris Muscle

Cross Section of Femur (rectus femoris)

More Information about the Rectus Femoris Muscle

The rectus femoris muscle is one of the 4 quadriceps which include the vastus lateralis, vasus intermedius and vastus medialis although the rectus femoris is the only quadriceps muscle which is biarticulate which means it has actions over 2 separate joints (knee & hip).


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