Sartorius - Muscle Physiology & Functional Anatomy


Sartorius Muscle




  • Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)


  • Medial condyle of the tibia

Major Arteries:

  • Femoral artery


Neural Innervation:

  • Femoral nerve

  • Intermediate cutaneous nerve of thigh (sometimes)


Trigger Points:

Sartorius Trigger Points





Concentric Functions:

  • Assists in hip flexion, abduction & external rotation
  • Assists in knee flexion


Eccentric Functions:


Isometric Function:


Related Muscles







More Images of the Sartorius Muscle


Sartorius mUscle

Thigh Cross Section - Sartorius


More Information about the Sartorius Muscle

Looking at the bottom your foot as if you were checking to see if you had stepped in chewing gum demonstrates all 5 actions of sartorius!  The sartorius muscle is also the longest muscle in the human body. 

The name sartorius is the Latin word for "sartorial" which means "to do with tailoring" which comes from "sartor" which means "tailor."  The 2 hypotheses as to the genesis of the name.  One is a reference to the cross-legged position in which tailors once sat. The other refers to the location of the inferior portion of the muscle being the "inseam" the area of the inner thigh tailors commonly measure when fitting pants.


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