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Splenius Muscle




  • Splenius Capitis

    • Spinous processes of thoracic vertebrae T3-T6, cervical vertebrae C7 & the lower half of ligamentum nuchae (posterior neck ligaments)
  • Splenius Cervicis

    • Spinous processes of throacic vertebrae T3-T6


  • Splenius Capitis

    • Mastoid process of temporal & occipital bones (skull)

  • Splenius Cervicis

    • Transverse processes of vertebrae C1-C3

Major Arteries:

  • Transverse cervical artery (Spenius Cervicis)

  • Occipital artery (Spenius Cervicis)


Neural Innervation:

  • Posterior rami of the lower cervical spinal nerves


Trigger Points:

Trigger Points of the Splenius CapitisSplenius Cirvicis Trigger Points




Concentric Functions:

  • Bilaterally: extends the (atlantooccipital & atlantoaxial) head & (cervical spine) neck

  • Unilaterally: Laterally flexes to the same side, rotation to the same side.


Eccentric Functions:


Isometric Function:


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Splenius Muscle

Splenius Muscle


More Information about the Splenius Muscle

The name splenius is derived from the Greek word "spléníon," which means plaster or patch.


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