Supinator - Muscle Physiology & Functional Anatomy


Supinator Muscle




  • Deep fibers (horizontal)

    • Supinator crest and fossa of ulna

  • Superficial fibers (downwards)

    •   Lateral epicondyle and lateral ligament of elbow and annular ligament


  • Lateral proximal radial shaft (neck & shaft of radius, between anterior & posterior oblique lines)

Major Arteries:

  • Radial recurrent artery


Neural Innervation:

  • Deep branch of radial nerve (posterior interosseous nerve (C5, C6)


Trigger Points: 

Supinator Trigger Points




Concentric Functions:

  • Assists forearm supination (only acts alone when elbow is fully extended)

Eccentric Functions:

  • Decelerates forearm pronation

Isometric Function:

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Supinator MuscleSupinator Muscle

More Information about the Supinator Muscle

The supinator muscle assists the biceps brachii when the arm is in any position except for fully extended.  When the elbow is fully extended, the supinator muscle acts alone to supinate the forearm.


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